A journey of
Friendship, Family and Fate.


Every picture tells a story.

Behind the Scenes

Have a glimpse of some of the behind the scenes images from the trailer and film shoot.

India’s Beauty

India has such beauty and one the most alluring places to film. Have a look at the images we snapped during our time in India.

Meet Our Friends

Black Sheep focuses on the choice of picking one’s destiny and becoming your own hero and an inspiration to others. Meet the women that empowered their inspirations to Reshel and her crew.


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Reshel Shah

Director/ Producer
Reshel, known to all as Resh is the creator behind Black Sheep having Written, Directed and Produced the film.
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Amal Sudhakaran

Amal with his team were the eyes of the film who were able to capture the stories, emotions and beauty of Black Sheep.
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Supriya Srinivas

Producer’s Assistant
Supriya first started off as a Journalist, spending over 25 years in the field. She has been involved on Black Sheep since conception.
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Robert PereƱa

Robert, known as Robbie is one of the coolest people anyone will meet! He was the guy who glued the stories and shots. He put the puzzle together.
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