Amal Sudhakaran

Director Of Photography


Interest in film began at the early age of 16 when films became more than what it was. The power the medium had and the ability of it to alter perceptions. Then began the journey of film school where I got into thinking I would eventually get into direction, but it was more camera and lighting that initiated something new. The visual composition and tone was what made me want to pursue cinematography and dwell into it further. Since then I have worked as a production runner to a clapper to an assistant camera and to finally manning the camera on several short films and music videos to now eventually being the cinematographer on a feature length documentary.

Favorite colour:
Army Green

Favorite Documentary:
The Cove

Favorite Food:
Turkish Iskender Kebab

Thoughts on Hijras before and now:

My thoughts on Hijras earlier on were quite ignorant, classifying them as a certain sect of people whom I tend to avoid. After meeting the Hijras and learning from them, their hardships, their cultures and their beliefs, it all brought in a new light of perspective towards them. People whom I had considered being crude and aggressive had become pure and beautiful as we began to spend more time with them.