Reshel Shah

Director and Producer

Reshel Shah

I knew I was meant to be in film when I wanted to turn tomb raider into a feature film and Angelina Jolie to play Lara Croft, 3 months later it was released! I felt it was my calling card to work in film and luckily I have never looked back (that was over 12 years ago!) I just didn’t know film would take me into a route of documentary filmmaking

I have worked in the industry for over eight years, starting as a runner and working my way to a Producer on a number of feature films, short films, commercials and more! I have worked on a couple of documentaries, but it is where my love for filmmaking lies. This is my first feature film as a Director, one I am positive will show personality of all kinds.

I would tell you the story of how I met them, but if my crew were to hear it or read it again I think it would be the end of this film! I always knew Hijras were people were scared of, looked down upon and to be honest knew little about them, but I never really looked into them, until they came to my wedding some months ago. This is when I wanted to look into them further, as I found them as a joke and those around me did to. Little to my knowledge did I know that was going to change drastically. I don’t think words can describe how I think of them now, apart from saying they are friends to me, dear friends, I look up to them and they are more woman then I will ever be. I’m so excited to meet my friends in October and go through so many fun adventures with them.

My favorite color is yellow, being a vegetarian I love India food, and my favorite documentary has to be “Searching for sugar man” – just way to much love in that film!