Robert Perena


imageMy interest in film came due to my love for drawing, animation, and kid’s television shows. They were a form of escapism to me, from the world full of math problems and terrible air conditioning. When I started in film school, I simply just wanted to be in the industry just to live in the world behind the television and movie screens, with no specific goal or role.

After working on various projects with both professionals and amateurs like me, I ended up falling in love with both cinematography and editing. However, it was editing that gave me the chance to stitch camera shots together and mold them into their final form. The monotony of the process is tiring, but the results are worth it. Working alongside with the fabulous crew of Black Sheep, I intend to learn and experience more every single day, and enjoy my escapade towards worlds other people have yet to see.

Favorite Color: 
Lime Green, Navy Blue, and Grey…not all the 50 shades, but a few of it.

Favorite Documentary: 
I don’t have a specific favorite, but I am a big fan of documentaries with topics based on science.

Favorite Food: 
Fried Chicken. Mushroom N Swiss Burger. Or anything fast and delicious.

Thoughts on Hijras before and now:

Although I have yet to meet a Hijra, I did grow up in a conservative society that accepted the third gender. That is, although I accepted them as who they were, I couldn’t take them too seriously at first. Many times I have thought how it was wrong for them to become something they weren’t; one is either born a man, or a woman, physically speaking.

But I also thought, who are we to judge people who want to be something in their life? It is their life, and not ours. Rather, we should just respect each others decision on whatever path we chose, may it be difficult or easy. Our time on earth is very short, so we might as well be something, than nothing at all. And that something is the goal to become happy. I respect Hijras for taking their path to become who they want to be, not what society, or anyone else, wants them to be. To me, our life is the search for true happiness, and we should never ever let anyone try to stop us from doing so.